Terry_Caffey - 1TERROR BY NIGHT – by Anne Mount

On March 1, 2008, in Alba, Texas, around 3:15 in the morning, two young men, Daryl Waid (name changed) 19, and Charlie Wilkinson, 18, entered Terry Caffey’s home through an opened side door. The men immediately began firing shots at Terry, his wife, Penny, and sons, Matthew, 13, and Tyler, eight. Then, they proceeded to set the house on fire. Later, they fled in their getaway car with Daryl’s girlfriend, Bobbi Johnson, 17, driving, and Erin Caffey, 16, (Terry’s daughter) in the backseat. What they didn’t count on, however, is that Terry, having been shot 11 times, would not only still be alive, but by God’s grace, manage to escape from his burning house and make his way to the home of his neighbors, 400 yards away. Having heard his son, Matthew, cry out: “Charlie, why are you doing this? Please don’t do this!” Terry prayed to stay alive just long enough to tell his friends, Tommy and Helen Gaston, who murdered his family.

Why did these boys do this? Was Erin involved? All four young adults were arrested in what has become one of the most publicized murder cases in the history of Texas. Terry has been interviewed on Dateline, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, The 700 Club, The Discovery Channel, Katie Couric, and many other programs. Terry’s journey from shock, to depression, to anger, to seeking revenge and finally a “miracle from God,” is one that will take your breath away.

Terror By Night is based on a true story, on the book, Terror By Night, by Terry Caffey and James Pence (Tyndale House, Publishers, Inc.), and on extensive interviews and research. I own the rights and we have the rights from Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. to make a feature film. In addition, my screenplay recently was given the Seal of Approval Award by The Dove Foundation.

© Anne Mount 2015

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